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The thread that binds Alice HayesThis is a contemporary story about five women who are complete strangers to each other, but they somehow get close. The main character is Sherice, an obstetrician who, through her work, gets to know the other women: Sylvie, a French young woman who can’t afford prenatal medical care; Joanne, a single woman who wants to be a mother without looking for Mr. Right; Payton, a sixteen-year-old who got pregnant by “accident” thanks to a non-so-serious relationship; and finally Gloria, a woman trapped in an unhappy life with a husband she doesn’t love.

To be totally honest, at the beginning of the book I just thought that there were too many pregnant women to my liking. Talking about pregnancies, prenatal care and babies is more or less like talking about truck engines to me: unappealing and uninteresting. However, the characters took me over in the first half of the book and, before I knew it, I was fond of all of them. Besides, the structure of the book, with short chapters from every character’s point of view, makes you read “one more chapter” again and again.

The story addresses a number of everyday issues people cope with, apart from pregnancy of course, like financial problems, or the unbearable pain a daughter feels watching her mother decaying with Alzheimer’s disease, for example. Most of the characters are very lonely, rejected by their families, but the book is about the power of friendship which, thanks to Sherice, is where all these women will find the strength to fight for their own happiness.

We didn’t have a good start, the book and I, but in the end these characters became friends and I really enjoyed the book.

rakin4The thread that binds
Alice Hayes
357 pages

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