This is the book I picked up for Dewey’s readathon a week ago and, as you should know by now, I was unable to read in a single day, because yes, I’m slow. It has nothing to do with the book, though – it had me hooked on from the very beginning and I had a great time reading it. The weight of blood Laura McHughThe story is set in the typical small village (in Arkansas) where everybody knows each other, when something unusual happens: Cheri, a girl from the village, is found dead and cut into pieces after being missing for almost a year. Lucy, the main character, was friends with her, and she is sure Cheri didn’t leave on her own – the girl was a little retarded and wasn’t the kind of girl who takes such a decision – so she tries to find out what’s going on around Cheri’s murder.

Lucy’s mother, Lila, disappeared when she was a baby and the girl craves for every bit of information about her mother that the other people in the village tells her when they talk, and somehow Cheri and her mother’s disappearances seem to be related to her. What Lucy doesn’t know is that the track of the murderer might lead to her own family.

The first part of the story has chapters from Lucy and Lila’s perspective, so you get to know little by little how Lila came to the village and fell in love with Lucy’s father, but it is not the happy ending – or the happy beginning, most accurately – she had been told over the years. Lila kept secrets that some of her neighbours know, and Lucy has to be smart enough to find them. In the second and third part of the books, we have chapters from other characters’ points of view, which help us to fill up the gaps.

You know I’m a fan of family mysteries, and this book was just my cup of tea. I enjoyed the way the author introduces the different characters, a glimpse when they were young in Lila’s chapters; another at what they have become now at Lucy’s time. Meanwhile the reader tries to recompose all the information about every of them. I really loved Lucy’s father, who was so sweet with Lila from the beginning, when she arrived to town and everybody else looked at her like she was an alien, just because she was an outsider.

Summarizing, I think The weight of blood is a good mystery novel, well narrated through different characters’ perspective, which keeps you hooked on Lucy’s investigations about the secrets buried in this village. rakin4I received this book from Netgalley.

The Weight of Blood
Laura McHugh
Random House
302 pages

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